This easy, secure and efficient way to share your radiology files and reports with the patient's treatment circle will surely distinguish yourself within your referral community. BeamReaders helps you elevate your level of patient support.

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Designed to provide
access to all image files as well as supporting documents to other
doctors involved in the patient's care. 

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All you need is their name and e-mail address to share a case. That's it! 

No software downloads required, this feature utilizes our proprietary cloud-based web technology.

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Each connection you share with will have their own secure login to the BeamReaders Portal. They will only see cases they have been granted access to. 

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Free - with any Radiology Report or Image Portfolio

*Case share is automatically built into all your cases $0.99 - standalone. Just want to use the portal to share and store your cases, it is less than dollar. 

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Creating Clarity

When you share a case with your connected patient care team, they will see exactly what you see. The entire treatment circle will have access to the patient files as well as any BeamReader reports or portfolios.

Use Case Comments to communicate directly with the team in a HIPAA compliant manner.

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How to Share

  1. Login into the BeamReaders Portal
    If you need to create an account it's quick and free
  2. Create a New Case
    Enter patient details and upload patient files.
  3. Share away!
    At the bottom of each case details view is the Case Share card. Just click the "+" and select who you want to share with
  4. Access
    If your connection(s) don't already have a BeamReaders account they'll go through our simple registration process and get access to the case. If your connection(s) already have an account they'll receive an e-mail notification and the case will show up on their dashboard.
  5. Communicate
    Use case comments and select the Case Share group to communicate about any related patient items in a HIPAA secure manner.
I use BeamReaders’ Case Share everyday. Most of our referring doctors are working with other doctors, or having a surgical guide made by another party and need to share the data. With the Case Share feature on BeamReaders this is simple and immediate, I love it!
— Camille Mayorga, DRT