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Expand your professional team
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Diagnostic Image Portfolio

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Anatomical images to address clinical purpose
Streamline patient communication
Reduce time to diagnosis and plan
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Implant Planning

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Save Time - Team with an Expert - Reduce Surprises
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Clinically-oriented imaging education
Hands-on, interactive format
Focused on improved clinical outcomes

Why work with BeamReaders?
The dental radiology partner for your practice

  • CBCT radiology expertise with 20+ Oral and Maxillofacial Radiologists
  • Radiology reports and implant planning to drive your efficiency and great patient outcomes
  • HIPAA compliant cloud storage providing access 24-7-365

"BeamReaders' approach to providing TMJ and airway based interpretations is first class and sets the standard in the industry. They share our clinical concerns and are paramount in the delivery of excellent patient care. I am confident in the reports I get from BeamReaders. They truly understand CBCT technology better than anybody. I give them my highest recommendations.”
Juan-Carlos Quintero, DMD, MS South Miami, FL


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20+ Oral & Maxillofacial Radiologists

BeamReaders Certified
Ongoing professional development program
Reported over 150,000 cases
Dentist to dentist professional interaction
Cone Beam CT diagnostic help for your practice

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"Doing Virtual Plan Consultations and Surgical guides with BeamReaders significantly reduces my surgical treatment time, minimizes surprises in the operatory, and gives me peace of mind and confidence as I start each case."
Dr. Mark Abdoney, Periodontist Tampa, FL


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