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Radiology Reports

Radiology Reports are designed to concisely address the clinical questions.

Image Portfolios

Image Portfolios visually communicate the imaging goals to you and your patient.

Case Share

Case Share allows you to securely share any file among your peers.

BeamReaders provides dental diagnostic imaging services with comprehensive radiology reports for CBCT and MRI scans. Our team of over 30 Oral and Maxillofacial Radiologists are experts in extracting the maximum clinical value from your scans. BeamReaders’ online portal is easy to use and secure. Expand your team with BeamReaders!


What's New:

Free Webinar - Wednesday, November 20, 2019 - 9:00 AM PT

Join Dr. Dania Tamimi for a one-hour webinar covering 3D Radiographic Evaluation of the Patient. There is no charge to attend this webinar, but registration is required. If you are unable to attend live, we ask that you still register for the webinar so that we can send you a recording of the event.

Sleep Solutions

Discover how we can help you unlock the information within each CBCT scan for your sleep and airway patients.

How to Read a Cone Beam CT

Please join Dr. Dania Tamimi for a two day course to advance your 3D diagnostic skills. Learn to understand the clinical relevance of each anatomic structure along with how variations of these structures can affect your diagnosis and treatment plan. Course is offered in Orlando, FL January 18-19th, 2020. Register here!

Your Dental Diagnostic Resource

Your Dental Diagnostic Resource

We are a doctor-driven team. Our team and services are accessible through our HIPAA compliant web portal.  Easily upload your cases and add BeamReaders expertise to your team today.

Juan Carlos

"BeamReaders' approach to providing TMJ and airway based interpretations is first class and sets the standard in the industry. They share our clinical concerns and are paramount in the delivery of excellent patient care. I am confident in the reports I get from BeamReaders. They truly understand CBCT technology better than anybody. I give them my highest recommendations.”

- Juan-Carlos Quintero, DMD, MS South Miami, FL

BeamReaders Expertise

BeamReaders Expertise

Over 30 Oral and Maxillofacial Radiologists!
Over 300 years of combined experience!
Over 200,000 cases reported
Quality support you can count on