Sleep Solutions

BeamReaders Oral and Maxillofacial Radiologists will help you unlock the information within each CBCT scan for your sleep patients.

Authoritative Reports

BeamReaders Radiology Reports describe any abnormalities in the areas that can impact a patient's breathing and suitability for an oral appliance, including:


Understand if airway size, influencing anatomy to gauge as a risk factor for OSA.

Nasal Passage

evaluation of nasal valves and turbinates help identify airflow patterns.

Structural Influences

Evaluations of nasopharynx and oropharynx, cranofacial structure, and health of condyles for a possible oral appliance therapy give you confidence in your treatment approach.

Collaborate with Treatment Partners

Sleep disorder patients often have multiple parties engaged in their care. Take the lead and share your insights with our built-in collaboration tools. The radiology report provides third-party support for your treatment process and increases everyone’s knowledge of underlying issues.

Setting up for success

These videos provide a quick overview of getting your patient positioned effectively for a CBCT sleep scan and what the airway dimensions may tell you.

Get Your Patient Properly Positioned For Their CBCT Scan

Impact of Airway Dimension on OSA

Reports & Portfolios

BeamReaders Radiology Reports describe and visualize abnormalities that may affect your sleep planning, so you can plot the best treatment course and get your patient off on the right foot.

Sleep Solutions

Radiology Reports

Clinically concise review of the entire scan volume reducing your 3D liability.

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Image Portfolios

Visually communicate the imaging goals to you and your patient. Show your patients the “why” of your treatment plan.

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VoxVault & Share

Strengthen your referral relationships by giving your referrers free access to the patient’s imaging, reports, and portfolios.

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"Having our i-CAT CBCT scans read by a board-certified BeamReaders' Maxillofacial Radiologist gives me confidence I am giving my patients the best information possible about their health. When I share these reports with their other health care providers, I set my practice apart. My patients appreciate going over the report and hearing about the details."

Dr. Steve Carstensen
Premier Sleep Associates