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The VoxDental platform makes it easy to tap into our experts, store, and share your patients' imaging

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Welcome to BeamReaders!

Registering is easy and free. All you have to do is:

Tell us about yourself and your practice

Validate your email address

Login to the secure VoxDental platform


Need a Radiology Report?

Requesting a Radiology Report is as easy as:

Provide patient details

Tell us what your clinical goals and any concerns are

Upload your image files - see our FAQs on how to get us your CBCT scan

Select any additional add-on services

Just need safe storage and collaboration only?

Provide patient details

Upload any files and you're good to go

Safe Storage

Store any patient file or
image securely

Radiology Experts

Tap into BeamReaders experts for Radiology Reports or Image Portfolios

Share Findings

Share & Collaborate with your
treatment partners


Communication helps everyone!

You can give your treatment partners direct access to a patient. All you need is their email address; we'll take care of the rest. Your collaborators will get a unique login and will only have access to the patients you've shared with them. No more CDs in the mail, virus-carrying thumb drives, or lost opportunities to improve patient care through sharing… FREE!

Engage with Conversations

Rad Chats

Included with every radiology report, allowing you to communicate directly with your radiologist to ask any follow-up questions on the report. The typical response time back is <24 hours.

Collab Chats

When you share a case, you have a built-in chat thread with your collaborators. Keep each other updated and improve patient outcomes.

Support Chats

We're here to help! You can communicate directly with our dedicated, in-house team of support wizards. The site has a built-in ticketing system to ensure any issues are quickly resolved. We can also be reached on the phone at 916.771.3505.


Setup your
Team & Community

The VoxDental platform works with any size of practice. You can easily add doctors, staff, and locations to your account. Having individual accounts for each user helps keep your data safer and allows everyone to customize to their role and preferences.

Have a network of external partners you're working with on specific patients? These can be referral sources for your specialty practice, community doctors sending a patient to you for additional imaging, or specialists you are working with on a patient's care. Add their profile as an external connection and give them secure patient access through our collaboration tool.

Team Members

Doctors and staff of your organization

See ALL patients

Can add patients & request new services

External Connections

Professionals outside of your organization

See only shared patients or when set to requesting doctor

Cannot add patients or request new services

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