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Mark Levy DDS
Sleep Better Columbus
Columbus, OH

"Here at my Sleep Better Columbus practice we focus exclusively on the treatments of sleep apnea, and TMJ/TMD with oral appliances. I recently opened a new facility and acquired a CBCT. Prior to that I had extensive training in interpretations of these images which of course were focused exclusively on the areas that I needed to interpret. I soon realized two things. One, that I didn't have adequate time to interpret all these images. Two, and certainly more importantly I didn't feel totally adequate interpreting all the information on these images that were outside of my area of expertise. I soon found BeamReaders, and have been incredibly happy that I did, and very satisfied from day one. Their reports are concise, they are clear and they are quick.

I recently had a patient who was found to have a mass in her neck and mandible and my BeamReaders radiologist contacted me immediately. We had a long discussion, and immediately I contacted the patient and was able to get her in with a surgeon, a head and neck surgeon, and she's recently had that surgery. Although she has a long road ahead of her with her cancer treatments, I feel very confident that we really helped if not save her life, prolong her life. So thanks to BeamReaders, and I highly recommend their services."

Jennifer Bone DDS, MAGD
Hill Country Dental Associates
Kerrville, TX

"When we go to conferences about the use of CBCTs in guided surgery, etc., we are told that we're responsible for the entire field of view and it's prudent to have our scans evaluated by a radiologist. But then we leave the conferences and we don't really know where to turn for those services. When I found BeamReaders, it was like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. My BeamReaders radiologist has been fantastic to work with on all my cases!"


Lake Ridge Ortho-TMJ-Sleep-Centre
Grand Prairie, TX

"BeamReaders is by far the best maxillofacial radiology review service in the Americas and probably in the world. Their submitting portal is very easy to navigate and their response time is excellent. Having the reassurance that all their excellent maxillofacial radiologists are reviewing your radiology volumes gives you incredible peace of mind and your patient will have the most up to date diagnosis available today. They may possibly pick up on nuances that other services will usually miss. Having people like Dr. Dania Tamimi as well as Dr. David Hatcher in their team raises the bar of their service to a level that is very difficult to meet by other similar services. They wrote in my opinion what I consider the “Bibles” in TMJ and airway and maxillofacial radiology. Those two books are hands down the best ones available in this subject. Dr. Hatcher, Cory Hatcher, and all of their team have my vote for best Maxillofacial Radiology review service."

Cynthia Graves DDS
Cynthia Graves Dental Group PLLC
Austin, TX

"I purchased my CBCT in 2014. I’ve been using BeamReaders for my oral radiology needs since early 2016. I attended a two day course by BeamReaders (Dr. Dania Tamimi) in Orlando which I describe as “two days in the dark with two oral radiologists who literally wrote the textbook on CBCT interpretation”. This was the best CBCT radiology training I’ve taken. The course and textbook cover anatomy, pathology, airway and TMJ. The textbook is a valuable resource I use regularly.

I also cannot emphasize how highly I respect the training and reports I have received from BeamReaders! They are easy to work with, prompt, considerate and each report adds to my knowledge base."

Syeda Bakhtawar DMD, MFDS, BDS
Artisan Dental
Bellevue, WA

"My CBCT 1:1 education session with Dr. Tamimi went exceptionally well. She went above and beyond, was very informative and engaging. She gave an in-depth knowledge of all aspects of CBCT imaging including endodontics, implants and dental sleep medicine. She answered all my questions and clarified all doubts. I highly recommend her and the Beamreaders course."

Steve Carstensen DDS
Premier Sleep Associates
Bellevue, WA

"Having our i-CAT CBCT scans read by a board-certified BeamReaders' maxillofacial radiologist gives me confidence I am giving my patients the best information possible about their health. When I share these reports with their other health care providers, I set my practice apart. My patients appreciate going over the report and hearing about the details."

Lyly Fisher DDS
Lyly Fisher DDS, PLLC
Renton, WA

"Thank you so much for all the great reports, I really appreciate the detailed nature of Dr. Tamimi's interpretations. The evaluation of the TMJ status for each joint individually has been particularly helpful in determining a diagnosis. In cases where further TMJ imaging is needed, the comments stating that evaluation with MRI may be indicated has helped to support my recommendation for further imaging. I work specifically in conjunction with chiropractors, and so ask for additional custom information. The extra comments regarding atlas rotations and cervical spine position have been valuable in my collaboration with orthogonal chiropractor and osteopathic cranial practitioners. They often do not get such detailed information about patients and being able to share the cases with them through the BeamReaders portal has been tremendously helpful."

Tim Mickiewicz DDS
Sacramento, CA

"I have been working with Beamreaders for decades. To have such an amazing resource to properly read your 3D imaging or MRI is beyond priceless in terms of critical information that may be missed. Frankly, are you a board certified radiologist??? I do a fair amount of medical/legal testimony and the CYA rule applies bigtime! They are consistently providing the most informative and timely reports on some of the most difficult patients. I am a doctor of last resort for many medical groups and the number of "coincidental " findings are beyond description. The Beamreaders team have helped to save many lives. They find obscure pathologies that you may remember from dental school ...or not! And more importantly, many that didn't exist in my Pathology texts. I have countless image series, well over 100K, that are stored on their servers,gratis,that eliminates the need for me to tie up server space. As experienced as I am at reading the images, after several decades of dedicated pain and sleep medicine practice, the data manipulation that I have watched the techs and docs perform is well above my pay grade! I have sent so many patients that I could easily pay for a machine for my own office, but I cannot rival the quality of data as well as the organized reports to share with patients and referring doctors. Plus, who has the time or expertise, unless a radiologist. I send all patients, TMD, Sleep and definitely all orthodontic cases, Orthognathic cases, Implants, suspected failed root canals I find on panoramic. I make appropriate referral to the endodontists and oral surgeons and periodontists that are expert at the correction of the pathologies, but I consider the Beamreaders team and DDI as part of my "team" .

I have no financial interest in their company, nor am I being compensated. I felt compelled to share my experience after the latest cancer that had metastasized into the skull that we caught just in time, and because of close friends whose lives were saved by timely diagnosis of serious would I live with myself if I missed it???

They are a treasure for our community and the profession worldwide!"

Maria Yazji DDS, MS
Contemporary Orthodontics
Miami, FL

"I'd wanted to take BeamReaders CBCT course with Dr. Tamimi for a long time, but hadn't been able to due to of scheduling conflicts.  So when I saw that there was an option for a one-on-one, virtual course with her, I jumped at the opportunity. I knew that it would be a worthwhile experience given her excellent reputation, but it was so much more than that. Not only did she explain the material masterfully, she challenged some of my existing concepts and answered all of my questions, which was perfect. What a treat!"

"As a practicing dentist and an educator with the Dick Barnes Group, I have to say that the TMD & Sleep Dentistry Imaging Courses Levels I & II have been the best investment that I have made in my continuing education. The material presented was concise, straight forward and very well organized. I cannot say enough about the course. The volume of information that I have taken away from it and have implemented it into my practice has been astonishing.

Drs. Tamimi and Mardini are incredibly knowledgeable in their field not to mention the gift that they both have in educating others. I walked away with more knowledge in the field of dental radiology and a new interest to study more."