Image Portfolios

Image Portfolios visually communicate your imaging goals, laying the foundation for patient communication and treatment planning.

Why Image Portfolios?

Amazing Patient Experience

An image portfolio translates the 3D volume into clear and organized image sets, allowing you to communicate with the patient in a way they will understand.

Effective Treatment Planning

We work with you to ensure your portfolio gives you what you need to prepare and communicate your treatment plan.

Save time

Let our team of imaging technicians free you and your staff from the time-intensive tasks of image and tracing prep.

Image Portfolio Pricing

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Images are correctly oriented and have true size scaling for optimum planning.


We have an extensive library of cephalometric tracings available. We can work with you on specific images or anatomical measurements needed. We can also provide the output in DAZ format for your Dolphin timelines.


Each clinical indication has specific imaging needs. We tune each portfolio for your study purpose.

Sample Portfolios

BeamReaders has developed specific diagnostic objectives for each clinical purpose that will be addressed by the radiologist.

Read what our customers have to say

“I recently had a patient who was found to have a mass in her neck and mandible and my BeamReaders radiologist contacted me immediately. We had a long discussion, and immediately I contacted the patient and was able to get her in with a surgeon, a head and neck surgeon, and she's recently had that surgery.”

Mark Levy DDS
Sleep Better Columbus
Columbus, OH

"When we go to conferences about the use of CBCTs in guided surgery, etc., we are told that we're responsible for the entire field of view and it's prudent to have our scans evaluated by a radiologist.   But then we leave the conferences and we don't really know where to turn for those services.

Jennifer Bone DDS, MAGD
Hill Country Dental Associates
Kerrville, TX

“I attended a two day course by BeamReaders (Dr. Dania Tamimi) in Orlando which I describe as “two days in the dark with two oral radiologists who literally wrote the textbook on CBCT interpretation. They are easy to work with, prompt, considerate and each report adds to my knowledge base."

Cynthia Graves DDS
Cynthia Graves Dental Group
Austin, TX
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