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BeamReaders is focused on helping the dental profession fully understand their patient’s imaging. Our team of oral and maxillofacial radiologists are imaging experts that unlock the clinical insights hidden within advanced 3D scans.

Core to the BeamReaders ethos is a two-customer mindset. We strive to deliver exceptional value and expertise to our dental practice partners (customer group 1). We also strive to be the premier place to be an oral maxillofacial radiologist in private practice (customer group 2). This combines into BeamReaders being the industry’s leading imaging partner.


Quality Interpretations – you need to trust your radiologist and their report. BeamReaders is proud of our onboarding, mentoring, ongoing education, and peer review processes. Our ongoing focus on continual improvement ensures we’re delivering the best interpretations possible.

The Imaging Platform – the BeamReaders platform seamlessly brings the radiologist’s expertise into your practice. Our platform allows for secure and HIPAA-compliant management of large imaging files. It makes it simple to request a radiology report, ask to follow-up questions to your radiologist, or share the findings with external doctors. Behind the scenes, our platform enables our radiologists to operate efficiently and collaborate on challenging cases.

Ease of Doing Business – our customer success team is there from start to finish for our dental practices and radiologists. Adding new processes into a busy dental office is always challenging. Our customer success team jumps in and quickly answers any questions you have.


Future – We are continually expanding our tools and are excited about what we see in the future.

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