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Maximize Your CBCT Image Quality (54m)

Maximize the image quality of your CBCT scans. This video provides practical detail on the key factors that reduce the diagnostic value of CBCT scans. It offers useful suggestions on how to improve image sets and consistently acquire high quality diagnostic data sets.
Our presenter, Craig Dial, DRT, is a Dental Radiology Technician and one of the founders of Digital Diagnostic Imaging of Sacramento CA. It is likely that Craig and his team have taken more CBCT scans than anyone else in the world. Their imaging centers were the first to get CBCT scanners in North America when they were introduced.

Voxels and Maximizing Your CBCT Image Quality (9m)




Voxel and CBCT image quality go hand and hand. This video will help you develop your understanding of voxels and its importance in getting the quality of image necessary for proper diagnostic value.

Patient Motion in CBCT Scans (9m)



Maximize your CBCT image quality with these practical tips on managing patient motion. Patient motion degrades CBCT scan quality the most and is often the easiest to manage.

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