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BeamReaders Now Serving Most Canadian Provinces!

BeamReaders Now Serving Most Canadian Provinces!

Great news for Canadian dental professionals! BeamReaders, the leading provider of fast and reliable radiology reporting, is now available in most Canadian provinces. This means you can access expert interpretation of your CBCT scans and other dental imaging, empowering you to deliver exceptional patient care. 

Faster Results, Expert Insights

BeamReaders brings together a dedicated Canadian team and over 70 US-based oral and maxillofacial radiologists. This ensures exceptional service and industry-leading turnaround times while maintaining the highest quality reports through secure and compliant communication channels.

Benefits of BeamReaders:

  • Know the Unknowns: Our comprehensive reports go beyond a basic review, providing insightful analysis and supporting images.
  • Reduce Liability: Expert review of your scans helps ensure you provide the gold standard of care and reduces your risk.
  • Save Time: Free up your valuable time by letting BeamReaders handle the time-consuming review and documentation of your scans.

See the Difference for Yourself!

We work with all dental specialties and our reports are tailored to your clinical purpose. Are you curious about the quality of BeamReaders reports? Head over to and request free sample reports covering pathology, TMD, implant diagnostics, and more. See firsthand the detailed analysis and insights you can expect.

Get Started Today!

Joining BeamReaders is easy:

  1. Register: Join Now and provide information about your practice.
  2. Request a Report: Submit patient details, upload your scans, and let our OMRs know your goals for the report. Your dental imaging software, such as from Carestream Imaging or Dolphin Imaging, may even have a send to BeamReaders button already built in!
  3. Communicate: The secure online platform lets you message directly with your radiologist and other team members.
  4. Grow: Provide your team and external partners with access to manage referrals, streamline communication, and review cases.

BeamReaders Canada: Your Partner in Exceptional Patient Care 

Leverage BeamReaders' expertise to elevate your practice and provide your patients with the best possible care. Learn more and submit your first case!

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BeamReaders Team

May 20, 2024