Since 2005, RadSite has offered comprehensive, affordable, quality-based certification and accreditation programs that evaluate imaging suppliers on established industry standards and emerging best practices. To date, RadSite has certified more than 25,000 imaging facilities operating at least 60,000 imaging systems.

RadSite’s mission is to promote the highest imaging quality and patient safety. Our comprehensive CBCT accreditation program evaluates providers against established industry standards and best practices, and we take a consultative approach. We help customers understand the intent behind the standards and how to implement quality workflows.

BeamReaders has partnered with Radsite to allow the dental community to get accreditation for their practice quickly and successfully! To talk with a contact at BeamReaders about CBCT accreditation, and what it may mean for your practice, contact us here. And if you are in a race to get started with RadSite, be sure to enter registration code 'beamreaders!'

Additional RadSite details can be found here:  RadSite CBCT website

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