Early Childhood Airway Analysis (ECAA)

BeamReaders is pleased to offer a new protocol on airway analysis for early childhood (generally < 72 months)

The Early Childhood Airway Analysis assesses the following seven items:

  • Nasion-basion-C3 angle
  • Adenoidal grading system
  • Objective adenoid space metrics (AD-1/AD-2) adapted from Linder-Aronson
  • Palatine tonsillar grading
  • Tongue positioning
  • Airway classification:
  • Nasal cavity
  • Gonial angle

This protocol was created by working with several prominent pediatric dentists and pediatric airway specialists, and with BeamReaders oral and maxillofacial radiologists. It includes the assessment of seven critical items that are in addition to a regular BeamReaders oral radiology report.

Learn more about how BeamReaders' ECAA protocol addresses each of these.

The cost for this additional analysis is $45.00 USD per report and must be requested when the report is ordered.

Review a sample report below!

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