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Take Back Your Time!

Spend it treating your patients! BeamReaders can handle your ortho reporting and documentation needs including:

  • Radiology Reports                                       
  • Cephalometric Tracing
  • Image Portfolios

With over 60 Oral and Maxillofacial Radiologists at BeamReaders, we are ready to help you quickly get the maximum clinical value out of each scan. Working with BeamReaders, you will never be caught short without the right person to handle your ceph tracing and choosing images for a patient portfolio. We understand your time is valuable – our team gives it back to you in spades!


Authoritative Reports

BeamReaders Radiology Reports describe any abnormalities that may affect your orthodontic planning, so you can plot the best treatment course and get your patient off on the right foot. Our radiologist’s process for reviewing a scan and expertise provides you a comprehensive evaluation of the entire scan volume. 

  • Improve localization of impacted teeth and their relationship with adjacent structures (e.g. Inferior Alveolar Canal)
  • Aid assessment of periodontal structures and bone support
  • Identify endodontic problems
  • Aid in planning placement sites for temporary skeletal anchorage devices
  • Provide visualization and quantification of airway morphology
  • Assessment of temporomandibular joint bony structures
  • Determine condylar positions
  • Identify and quantify asymmetries
  • Provide accurate measurements
  • Rule out incidental findings or pathology that compromise orthodontics treatment planning

By maximizing the information obtained from each CBCT scan, we help you raise the bar on the quality of care for each patient you see! Take a look at some of our example reports below:

Ortho Dual Bite
Report Sample

Patient with open bite
concerns following
extraction of
third molars.

View Report

Open Bite
Progression DJD

This patient
shows progressing,
joint disease.

View Report

Ectopic Eruption of Maxillary Canines

Referring doctor is looking for anatomic position of impacted maxillary canines and their impact in the treatment plan options.





Reduce Your Risks and Expand Your Diagnostic Findings

In CBCT scans, supplementary findings have been reported to be as high as 25%. Airway, nasal polyps, TMJ aberrations, sinus pathologies, cervical vertebrae clefts and endodontic lesions have all been confirmed. “The relatively high frequency of incidental findings on CBCT scans (25%) suggests that CBCT scans obtained for orthodontic purposes should be further reviewed by an oral maxillofacial radiologist.”

Improve Treatment Plans

Case Share

  • Case Share allows you to connect with your Referring Doctors and any other treatment partners involved in the patient’s care.
  • Securely and in a HIPAA complaint manner share all the patient’s imaging files and discuss with your treatment partners.
  • Case Share is included free of charge with every radiology report or image portfolio.
  • Case Share allows you to stand out in your dental community as a technology and care leader which drives more referrals to your doorstep.

Image Portfolios

  • Image Portfolios are a great tool for treatment planning as all key images are captured from the scan.
  • Our team will customize the portfolio to you and can include workups such as cephalometric analysis.
  • Help your patient understand their situation as you walk them through their scan using the Image Portfolio.

I just wanted to write a supreme thank you to BeamReaders.

I wanted to let you know that as of now, we are both responsible for finding carotid calcifications that allowed my patient to see an interventional radiologist who used Doppler technology to find that his carotid artery was 90% occluded and with his history of Burkitt's Lymphoma, led his physicians to remove this blockage and he successfully completed this surgery 2 weeks ago. He gave me a big hug, but without your service and the recognition that you deserve, that hug doesn't happen. And you don't always get the recognition or the hug. I just wanted to make sure that you knew about this and that you have impacted my practice and my patient's life in a real and impactful way.

Thank you for your service and for making us look better. 

— Dr. Zackary T. Faber, DDS
    Faber Orthodontics


‘A picture is worth a thousand words’

An Image Portfolio combined with our Radiology Report is the tool to communicate imaging results to your patients, and helps them clearly visualize their situation, your diagnosis, and the goals of your treatment plan. An Image Portfolio helps answer the “why” that patients frequently have!

Example images from an Image Portfolio below.

Setting Up Your Orthodontic Practice for Success

We're here to help you succeed with your imaging goals. The following videos provide a quick overview of how our radiology reports and image portfolios help orthodontists.

Video Rad reports by Dr. Francisco Eraso

HubSpot Video

Video Image Portfolio's by Dr. Francisco Eraso

HubSpot Video