Beamreaders CBCT Billing

Billing CBCT Image Acquisition and Interpretation

Practice Billing Solutions:

Many practices have shared with BeamReaders their process of adding a cone beam CT to their practice. Here is how they have told us they handle billing patients for this new technology and service! Here are some of those statements.

"When I put in a CBCT machine, we did not want the liability of reading the scans, so we added the cost of the BeamReaders report as a mandatory cost of our services. "

First I have to admit I have used other services for having my CBCT volumes interpreted and the experience I have had with BeamReaders is OUTSTANDING in so many ways. I am a detail-oriented practitioner and I appreciate the evidence based reports that the radiologists at BeamReaders offer. I now have amazing colleagues that will be a permanent part of my team in diagnosing, triaging and helping my patients have a better quality of life. I am fan for life.

B. Esmaili

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