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airway collabrative
The Airway Collaborative exists to eliminate a myriad health problems that arise due to airway dysfunctions

The 'Airway Collaborative Analysis Adder' enhances your BeamReaders radiology report with further quantitative analysis helping you assess critical anatomy within the Airway Collaborative framework.

With extensive research, the Airway Collaborative team has designed an intensive program to equip medical professionals with the knowledge and resources to treat and prevent airway dysfunctions. Adding the Airway Collaborative Analysis adder to your patient's radiology report will help maximize your advanced training to drive the best treatment outcomes.

Learn more about the Airway Collaborative at:

The additional cost for this analysis is $45.00 per report. The service can be added to your BeamReaders oral radiology report when submitting your case. The sample report below shows a typical report provided with this service.

Add TBI Service

Sample Report

Scanning Protocol Checklist

Scanning Protocol Checklist

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