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What file format do you need?

  • CT scans need to be saved in either single-file DICOM or multi-file DICOM format.  If you have the Anatomage or TxStudio software, you have the option of saving the CT scan in either DICOM format or the Invivo (.inv) format.  CT scans saved in any other file format will not be able to be reviewed.  For additional instructions, please visit our how to save a CBCT scan in DICOM format page.
  • If you have 2D radiographs, save them in either JPG, PNG, TIF, or BMP format.
  • If you are uploading MRI imaging, you will need to include the full contents of the disc you received from the imaging center.  Please note that some MRI imaging can only be read while the disc is in the computer.  We prefer that you try to upload the full contents of the MRI disc first.  If we determine that the disc is needed, we will contact you with specific mailing instructions.

If you need assistance saving and uploading files, please give us a call: 916.771.3505.