3D Sales Rep FAQ

We are happy to assist you with questions that may come up about BeamReaders during the sales process. We have compiled here a list of FAQ's we frequently hear from vendor reps. And if you can't find your answer below - please feel free to contact us at sales@beamreaders.com!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why would a practice order an oral radiology report?


A radiology report allows the referring provider to practice with the confidence and security of knowing that disease or abnormalities have been identified if they exist.
Advanced Expertise: An oral and maxillofacial radiologist (OMR) has completed advanced education specializing in the reading and interpretation of 3D scans.
Time Savings: A dentist can outsource the interpretation of a scan to an expert OMR, and instead see additional patients! This value needs to be determined by each practice. Best Foundation for a Treatment Plan: CBCT scans read by an OMR allow a dentist to then create the best patient treatment plan.
No minimums: BeamReaders ala carte report fee structure allows the practice to decide which scans they would like to send in for an over read. They can send in one or all of their scans!

What is the free on-demand CBCT education package that includes five hours of CE?


This can help the dentist (and you if you sign up) gain a fundamental understanding of CBCT including field of view, and resolution when taking scans. It can help with understanding normal versus abnormal anatomy, and what to do (or not do) around abnormal anatomy. It also shares a comprehensive process for reviewing each and every CBCT scan. You can check it out here; beamreadersacademy.thinkific.com. But you'll need to request access on the previous page to get a code to get in free of charge.

What field of view should a practice use with their CBCT?


The field of view (FOV) is determined by the study purpose and imaging goals. Be thoughtful to the study purpose (endo, implant, airway) and whether you are imaging children. General guidelines for children may be found here; Dental (imagegently.org).

BeamReaders also has an internal scan protocol document that covers different specialties (endo, airway, etc.) which we can send to the practice if you feel it would be valuable. When you submit the form with your practice details, just let us know.

What is the value of a one on one consult with a BeamReaders oral and maxillofacial radiologist?


This can help the dentist if they have very specific questions with 3D imaging, where the experience of an oral and maxillofacial radiologist can assist. They can discuss imaging goals, various settings, and pros and cons of different imaging approaches.

Does it take long to prepare and send the scan to BeamReaders?


There is usually a very short learning curve. But after going through the process a few times; export and upload, etc., the entire process generally takes less than 90 seconds!  It is pretty darn quick!

Is BeamReaders HIPAA compliant?


Yes, BeamReaders platform, Vox Dental, is HIPAA compliant.

BeamReaders also has a security document that we can send to the practice if you feel it would be valuable. Simply request that in the form when submitting your practice's details.

How does a dental professional go about choosing what patient scans to send to BeamReaders?


This is really determined by the level of comfort that a dental professional has in interpreting 3D scans. BeamReaders recommends that if a dental professional sees something they don't recognize or understand, to send it to a qualified professional, typically an OMR. This will give them great confidence that they have the scan comprehensively evaluated!
After 3-4 times of seeing that item on a radiology report, it is likely the dental professional will now know what this is.

Many dental professionals send each and every scan to BeamReaders. This helps them ensure there aren't any 'gotcha's' when they begin treatment on a new patient. Our report fee structure allows the practice to decide which scans they would like to send in for an over read. They can send in one or all of their scans!  

How does a doctor collaborate using BeamReaders platform?


Practices can add any files they want to a patient record; a dicom, pdf's, jpg's, word documents  . . .  any file! The practice can then share that entire record and all files with other doctors, inside or outside their practice in a secure manner.
This tool is available free of charge once an oral radiology report has been ordered. Then anyone who the case has been shared with can even communicate securely with the radiologist who created the report!