How do I zip a folder?

If you have a folder that has many files in it that you want to upload, be sure to compress the folder into a .zip file before uploading.

  • Right-click on the folder that contains the files you want to upload
  • Go to Send to
  • Select Compressed (zipped) folder
  • Once the progress bar goes away, you will see a new icon that has the same name as the folder you right-clicked on in step 1, but the icon on the new file likely looks like a folder with a zipper on it or a folder with a 'Z' on it. That is the .zip file that you will want to upload to the patient's case on the BeamReaders website

    We recommend renaming the .zip file prior to uploading it. You can rename it to the patient's last name, for example. To rename a .zip file, right-click on it and select Rename. Your computer will highlight the name for you automatically so you can simply type the new name and then press Enter on your keyboard to save the change.

    If you are uploading multiple scans for a patient, we recommend renaming each zip file to include the date the scan was acquired or the area that each scan covers (left, right, anterior, airway, etc.).

    Here is a 90 second tutorial video:

    HubSpot Video