How do I share a case with another doctor?

Case Share is our secure, HIPAA-compliant service that allows you to share your BeamReaders cases with other doctors who are involved with your patients' care.

See our guide to using Case Share

Some things to keep in mind:

  • Case Share is included when you select any other BeamReaders service. Otherwise, Case Share costs $1.00 if it is the only service selected on a case.
  • Anyone who receives a Case Share will have access to all imaging and files that were uploaded to the case by your practice as well as the radiology report and/or image portfolio that was provided by BeamReaders.
  • Case Share does not include imaging viewers. If DICOM imaging is shared, the recipient will need to have their own DICOM viewer software to be able to view the imaging.
  • Case Share is designed for doctor-to-doctor communication. Sharing cases with anyone else (including patients) is not permitted.