How do I save a CBCT in DICOM format from Anatomage/TxStudio?

1.) Create a new folder on the Desktop (right-click anywhere you don't already have an icon and go to New --> Folder) and name the folder with the patient's name

2.) Open the scan in Anatomage/TxStudio

3.) Once scan is open, go to File --> Save As (not 'Save As Project')

4.) Choose 'Multi-file DICOM with .dcm extension' and click OK

5.) Select the folder on the Desktop that was created with the patient's name on it (step 1 of these instructions) as the location to save the scan

6.) Once the scan has finished saving, minimize or close Anatomage/TxStudio and compress the folder with the patient's name on it into a .zip file (right-click the folder, go to 'Send to', and choose 'Compressed (zipped) folder'

7.) The .zip file will be created on the Desktop (the icon will likely look like a folder with a zipper on it). Upload that file to the patient's case on the BeamReaders website