How do I save a CBCT from Vatech Ez3D-i?

  • Create a new folder on your Desktop and name the folder with the patient's name (right-click anywhere you don't already have an icon on the Desktop and go to New --> Folder)
  • Launch the Ez3D-i software and load the patient's scan
  • From the 'Main Menu', choose 'Export'
  • Ensure that the following buttons and boxes are selected:

a. Local Disk

b. DCM Files

c. 'Compression' should be set to 'Uncompressed', but if 'Uncompressed' is not an option, select 'Lossless'

d. The 'Viewer' box should NOT be checked

  • Click 'Save'
  • Browse to the Desktop and locate the folder you created that has the patient's name on it and select that folder
  • The DICOM files will be exported and you will be notified when the export is complete
  • Go back to your Desktop, right-click on the folder that has the patient's name on it, go to 'Send to', and choose 'Compressed (zipped) folder'
  • You will see a new icon on your Desktop that will have the patient's name on it, but the icon will likely look like a folder with a zipper on it (this is a .zip file)
  • Upload the .zip file to the case for the patient on the BeamReaders website