How do I save a CBCT from PreXion?

Create a new folder on your Desktop and put the patient's name on the folder (right-click anywhere on your Desktop where you don't already have an icon and go to New --> Folder)

Open the PreXion software and right click on the patient's name and go to 'Study Management'

In the menu that appears, choose 'Download Study'

You will be prompted to choose the location to save the DICOM files. Select the folder you created on your Desktop with the patient's name and click 'OK'

When the export is complete, there will be several hundred DICOM files in the folder with the patient's name on it. Compress the folder into a .zip file by right-clicking the folder, going to 'Send to', and choosing 'Compressed (zipped) folder'.

Your computer will create a new icon on your Desktop with the patient's name on it that will likely look like a folder with a zipper on it. Upload that file to the patient's case on the BeamReaders website.