How do I save a CBCT from J. Morita?

Open the iDixel software to patient's volume and highlight the image you wish to export

Select the icon of the arrow pointing to the disk from the 'Tools' area and choose 'Save to DICOM File' and then choose 'Axial Image'

Pick the slice thickness (preferably to match the interval) and click 'OK'

For the 'Accession Number' prompt, no changes are needed -- simply click 'OK'

The DICOM files will be exported to the folder you have previously established as your 'Exports' folder from this software. Many times, you will find a shortcut to this folder on the Desktop

When the DICOM export is complete, a message will appear to let you know

Locate the folder where the DICOM files for the patient were saved

Right-click on the folder, go to 'Send to', and choose 'Compressed (zipped) folder'

A new file will be created that likely looks like a folder with a zipper on it (that's the .zip file we need)

Upload the .zip file to the patient's case on the BeamReaders website

J Morita Export Instructions