How do I save a CBCT from ImageWorks?

  • Open the OneSystem software and open the scan volume that you would like to export
  • Click on the “Patient List” Tab in the top left
  • Click on the “Export DICOM” button in the lower right
  • Click “Make New Folder” and add the patient’s name - then Click OK. Make note of where you created the folder. You will need to find the folder later
  • When the DICOM export is complete, there will be several hundred DICOM files in the folder
  • Locate the folder you just exported the DICOM files to and compress that folder into a .zip file by right-clicking the folder, going to 'Send to', and choosing 'Compressed (zipped) folder'
  • Your computer will create a new icon with the patient's name on it that will likely look like a folder with a zipper on it. Upload that .zip file to the patient's case on the BeamReaders website