How do I save a CBCT from Genoray (Triana)?

  • Right click on your desktop and create a new folder. Name the folder with your patient’s name.
  • Select the patient in the database and click 'Export' (at the bottom of the screen)
  • Select the scan and click the “. . .” button. Select the folder that you just made on the Desktop for the patient and click “OK”.
  • On the next screen, verify that you have the correct folder selected and click “Run”. You will see a status bar progressing as the DICOM is being created.
  • When the DICOM export has finished, right click on the patient's folder on the Desktop, go to 'Send to', and select 'Compressed (zipped) folder'. A new icon will be made on the Desktop that will have the patient's name on it, but the icon will look like a folder with a zipper on it or a folder with a 'z' on it. That is a .zip file.
  • Upload the .zip file to the patient's case on the BeamReaders website.