How do I remove the Quantum IQ filter from an i-CAT scan?

  • Open "iCATVisionQ" on the i-CAT acquisition computer
  • Find this patient in the patient database and click on their name
  • Right-click on the line that says "RAW CT" and choose "Reconstruct"
  • Uncheck "QIQ" or "Quantum IQ" checkbox in the scan preview window that appears and then click "Reconstruct"
  • The raw data will then be reconstructed without applying the Quantum IQ filter. You will see an additional entry labeled "CT" for the patient after the reconstruction is complete
  • Be sure that you export DICOM for the reconstructed CT volume that does not have the Quantum IQ filter applied. You can double check by scrolling to the right using the horizontal scrollbar at the bottom of the RAW/CT list. Look for the column labeled "QIQ" and select and export the "CT" line that does not say 'Yes' in the "QIQ" column