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On Demand CBCT Education

BeamReaders Education by Oral and Maxillofacial Radiologists

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What you'll get!

CBCT Educational Videos: Entire Series - 5 CE credits

This can help you learn about radiation exposure from CBCT, understanding field of view, and resolution when taking scans. Understand normal versus abnormal anatomy. And learn a comprehensive and thorough process for reviewing your CBCT scans.

CBCT educational video series by BeamReaders Oral and Maxillofacial Radiologists Drs. Shiva Toghyani, Martina Parrone, and Kaycee Walton cover 3D anatomy, foundational information on CBCT imaging, and a comprehensive process for reviewing a scan. This should be utilized by those new to CBCT, and for those more experienced with CBCT, as a reference or training tool.

Each series has a few free videos for you to check out too! Try the links to those free videos by clicking below on 'Learn More' for each of the series, to see if this program would be a good fit for you and your practice! See the links to each series below.

1. CBCT Foundations Available

1. CBCT Foundations

Operating principles of CBCT, understanding radiation dose, and image quality all with oral and maxillofacial radiologist Dr. Kaycee Walton!

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2. Understanding 3D Anatomy Available

2. Understanding 3D Anatomy

Learn the important aspects of reviewing oral anatomy in 3D with oral & maxillofacial radiologists Drs. Shiva Toghyani and Martina Parrone.

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3. CBCT Search Pattern Available

3. CBCT Search Pattern

Learn a systematic process for reviewing a CBCT scan from Dr. Martina Parrone. Learn about analyzing the scan technically, orienting the scan, how to think about contrast and brightness in a 3D environment, creating a pano, and then walking stepwise through each axis of a scan's extraoral structures and dentition. 

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4. Coming soon - Implant Concepts! Available

4. Coming soon - Implant Concepts!

Winter 2022 - Learn about using a CBCT for implant planning and evaluation from Dr. Kaycee Walton. Learn about scan acquisition and appliances, assessment of the bone, grafting, virtual planning and common anatomic variation.

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How do I get started?

Click on the link to the right to get access to the education package.


  • This includes five (5) hours CE credit!
  • Get the groundwork you need to be a responsible Cone Beam CT operator and owner!
  • Get more out of your 3D imaging!


Looking for more educational opportunities? 

Here you go!

If you feel that working with an oral maxillofacial radiologist live, one on one, would help answer questions and round out your learning, consider trying one of our private, virtual education courses.


Or want a more intensive, multi-day course? These courses include 'How to read a CBCT' and 'Understanding the TMJ and Airway' by the renowned Dr. Dania Tamimi!


Or if you just want to dip your toes in, try one of our free pre-recorded webinars!



Private, Virtual Education!

By BeamReaders OMR's

Work with an oral radiologist in a live, one on one interaction to get your questions answered and round out your learning! We offer over a dozen private, virtual education courses with varying areas of focus.

Learn about:

  • Deeper anatomy dive
  • Introductory CBCT Concepts
  • CBCT for Orthodontia
  • Documenting your Imaging in a radiology report
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Live Courses!

By Dr. Dania Tamimi

Multi-Day courses to grow your knowledge in the interpretation of 3D images! These courses may focus on CBCT in airway and TMJ studies, implant, and pathology.

Explore more below!

Educational Courses



By Drs. Francisco Eraso, Dania Tamimi and Martina Parrone

Check out our free upcoming and past recorded webinars reviewing patient cases, and providing education on the application of CBCT to orthodontic cases.