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Can I send you multiple files on a patient?

Yes, you can upload multiple files for each case.  Previous pathology reports and clinical photos are always helpful.

If prior imaging for the patient was submitted to BeamReaders for a radiology report, we still have those images on file so you do not need to upload them again.  Our system automatically flags the prior case so that we can provide comments on any clinically relevant changes.

If you have prior CT scans that have not been reviewed by BeamReaders, you can submit those, as well.  An additional fee will apply when we review the current scan and prior scan(s) if we have not previously reviewed any imaging on the patient.  Be sure to select both the Comparative Scan Radiology Report Add On service and the Imaging Report service when creating the case.  Our Oral and Maxillofacial Radiologists will then perform a complete evaluation of all scans and provide their findings in a single radiology report.

If we have already reviewed prior imaging on the patient, the Comparative Scan Radiology Report Add On service does not need to be selected.  Simply select the Imaging Report service and we will review the current imaging and compare it to the previous imaging on file.