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Apr 11, 2019

BeamReaders to participate in AAE 2019 Annual Meeting

BeamReaders is pleased to announce our attendance at the AAE annual meeting. Join us as we explore the possibilities of better patient care and treatment with CBCT imaging, at the 76th annual meeting of American Association of Endodontics.

We will be showcasing our commitment to help you succeed with your imaging technology. On top of all the great educational sessions and networking opportunities the AAE provides we’ll be having free one-on-one sessions with our radiologists, Drs. Hema Udupa and Mehrnaz Tahmasby, in the booth to review case concerns and talk about optimizing imaging in your practice.


CBCT and Endodontics

A correct diagnostic imaging acquisition and interpretation is crucial for successful treatment and management of endodontic problems. CBCT allows for the 3D visualization of dentition, maxillofacial skeleton, and accurate anatomical relationships of the structures.

CBCT effectively overcomes the limitations of 2D imaging by producing high precision, three-dimensional images, making them suitable for use in endodontics. The enhanced image of the area being assessed leads to improved detection of endodontic conditions leading to better treatment planning. The AAE and AAOMR published a great Joint Position Statement in 2015 outlining applications, uses, and recommendations of CBCT in Endodontic practices.

See the article at:

Applications of CBCT in Endodontics

  • Assessment and Planning of Surgical Endodontic Treatment
  • Management and Assessment of Dental Trauma
  • Assessment of Root Canal Anatomy and Structure
  • Diagnosis and Management of Tooth Resorption
  • Diagnosis of Root Fractures

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Our Solutions:

Radiology Reports:

Expert analysis of your scan by an Oral and Maxillofacial Radiologist to help you unlock the clinically relevant information within each scan.

Powerful Online Platform:

Easily upload your scans from anywhere for our team to work with you on and to share with your treatment partners with our Case Share Feature.

About AAE Annual Meeting

Founded in 1943, The American Association of Endodontists has made continuous efforts in educating people about what Endodontists are and what they do. The AAE leadership and members have stayed committed to their objective, that is- to help, protect and educate the people about an Endodontists specialist care that will help in saving the natural teeth.

The aim of the summit is to share latest research, techniques and upcoming trends that will impact the dental industry. Endodontists from around the world will exchange pioneering endodontic techniques, research findings and ideas.

Come See Us!

While you’re at the AAE19 learning about all the new opportunities to take your practice to the next level make sure to stop by the BeamReaders’ booth to find out how you can instantly add an Oral and Maxillofacial Radiologist to your team.

Schedule a free one-on-one session for case review or Q&A with one of our radiologists.


See You in Montréal!


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